Welcome to Fast Wax, Americas fastest growing glide wax company. For the last 26 years Fast Wax has been building a reputation on results. Because of this every year more and more people switch from their old brands to Fast Wax. If you are one of these people, Thank You!

If you are new to Fast Wax, give us a minute to introduce ourselves. We started out in our co-founders garage using technology and processes that had been developed and released from 3M. Being avid skiers themselves it did not take long for them to fine tune this wax technology. Soon they were winning races and the word spread about this new “Fast Wax” from Minnesota. Over the years from this humble beginning Fast Wax has transformed into a complete glide wax system used by Nordic and alpine skiers all over the world.

To this day Fast Wax still is winning people over with the low cost, ease of application, and the flat-out raw speed that Fast Wax users enjoy.

You will not find any robots here, every bar of Fast Wax is made in a small batch and hand poured, using only US sourced raw materials. We are very proud of the waxes we produce, we invite you to try it for yourself.

Guaranteed for speed, if you do not feel completely satisfied we will buy it back!

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Universal Slick Paste Wax

Stop and think about what keeps you going in the terrain park. It is gravity, and gravities enemy is friction. Take out friction with Fast Wax Slick paste wax. An all temperature wax that is quick and simple to apply you will see immediate results as you carry more speed and confidence into kickers.

SLICK is so small you can put it in your coat so you can reapply in your down time, keeping you on top of your game.

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HSLF 10 (High Speed Low Fluorocarbon)

When the humidity increases slightly, and snow is transitioning from dry powdery snow to slightly damp, it is time to call in your secret weapon, the HSLF line of waxes from Fast Wax. The blend of Fluorocarbons in HSLF, will have you scampering like a jack rabbit across the snow. The multiple types of waxes in HSLF have been painstakingly chosen to complement each other in one uncompromising mission, to be fast.

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HSF 30 (High Speed Fluorocarbon)

Created to address the challenging waxing issues one experiences just above and below freezing. The combination of different waxes will fight to give you that edge and the fluorocarbons will make sure you have as many gears as you need to go as fast as you want.

When the snow is wet enough to make a decent snowball, there is enough moisture in the snow to get start flying across the snow using Fast Waxes, High Speed Fluorocarbon wax. Fluorocarbons turn snow in to ball bearings, so you better be ready for some serious speed.

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