·Fast Wax Ski Wax is a specifically-formulated microwax that gets impregnated into the surface of your skis or snowboard.

   · Fast Wax was invented by a retired 3M inventor and ski-enthusiast, originally for Alpine and cross-country skiing, but as expanded to suit every ski and board, in every snow condition.

   · Fast Wax makes everything ridiculously slippery because it is so deeply resistant to abrasion and temperature. Best of all? It’s not a liquid!

   · Fast Wax is a hand-made, hand-poured, small-batch MIRACLE of science and adrenaline.

   The Need For Speed Guarantee: If you don’t think Fast Wax makes you go fast enough? -we refund you, 100%.

This is some Fast Wax

Wax for every type of skiing for every type of condition.

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