Snowboard Waxing

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Snowboard Edge Tuning, Detuning & Settings

Snowboard suggested base bevel and side angle settings.

RiderBase BevelSide Angle
Novice 1 - 2 degree 0-1 degree
Intermediate 1 degree 1 degree
Free rider 1 degree 1-2 degree
Spinner 2 degree 0 - detuned
Boardcross 0-1 degree 1-2 degree
Halfpipe 1 degree 1degree
Slalom Racer 0-1 degree 3-4 degree
GS Racer 1/2 to 3/4 degree 2-3 degree
Super G 1 degree 2-3 degree


  1. snowboard shopstone base snowboard shopstone side edge

    Snowboard Inspection

    Place the snowboard on the Wax Bench and inspect the base and edges. If the bases are damaged take the snowboard to your local shop for inspection and possible repair. Next: Slide you fingers gently down the base edges and inspect for any burrs. Use a shop stone to polish out the burrs on on both the base angle. Stand the snowboard in the snowboard vice and polish out any burrs on the side edge. This step is important as a base edge burr can scratch the iron and that scratch can be transferred to the snowboard base.
  2. snowboard baseangle adjtool

    Base Tuning

    Lay the snowboard on the bench, check and file the base edge, for most recreational riders the edge is set at 1 degree.
  3. edge plainer on ski

    Optional, Relieve the Base

    Next turn the snowboard on edge and inspect the side edge if necessary relieve the base so the side edge can be tuned. The metal edge should protrude slightly from the snowboard.
  4. snowboard fixed side guide snowboard multi tool side

    Side Edge

    Stand the snowboard on edge and file the Side Edge. For most riders this is set between 1 and 2 degrees. Use either the a Multi-tool or the preferred a side angle guide with a diamond stone.
  5. snowboard gummystone

    Remove the Burrs

    Use the gummy stone and lightly remove the bur from the edge to give fast smooth edge.
  6. snowboard detune

    Terrain Park Riders

    Detune the edges, hold the file at a 45 degree angle and start between the bindings and work you way out as needed to keep the edges from catching.

Snowboard Waxing Recreational

  1. Gummy on Flat Use a shop stone to debur the edges before waxing. Wear gloves to protect your hands from the snowboard edges.
  2. SS Brush Brush out the snowboard base with the Fast Wax Super Fine SS Brush to clean the dirt and wax from the snowboard do not use wax cleaner to clean the base.
  3. Drip Wax on to Base Melt wax for the current conditions onto the snowboard base use about 1 drop every 1/2.
  4. Iron in smooth Iron in from tip to tail.
  5. Allow to cool to room temperature (1/2 hour)
  6. Scraping Scrape with a plastic scraper
  7. Brush out with the Fast Wax Superfine SS Brush 2 to 3 repeats
    • Follow with the Fast Wax Horsehair Brush
    • Polish with the Fast Wax Nylon Brush
    • Ready to Ride

Snowboard Waxing Advanced

  1. Deburr and Tune the Edges

    Use the Multi-tool or an Edge Guide and a Moonstone diamond file to remove all burs from the edges and set the base bevel and edge angle before waxing. The general setting for snowboards are listed in the edge settings section. The most common setting are: Base Angle 1 degree and Side Angle 2 degree
  2. Brush out the snowboard

    Brush the snowboard from tip to tail using the Fast Wax Super Fine Stainless Steel brush.
  3. Hot Wax Process

    Using a ski waxing iron, drip a generous amount of Fast Wax Base Wax onto the snowboard base and iron in from tip to tail. The wax will act as an insulator, a generous layer helps keep the iron off the snowboard base, use about one drip every 1/2 inch, more if you are inexperienced. When ironing in the wax, draw the iron down the snowboard holding a molten bead of wax about 2 to 3 inches behind the iron, and always keep the iron moving. If necessary a second pass can pick up any places that are missed.
  4. Scraping off the Wax

    Let the snowboard cool slowly to room temperature before scraping the bases. Scrape the wax off using short easy strokes. Use a sharp scraper and keep it sharp a scraper sharpener makes it easy to give the scraper a few passes each time before scraping.
  5. Brushing out the snowboard

    Use the Fast Wax Superfine SS brush, followed by the Fast Wax Horse Hair brush and polish with the Fast Wax black nylon brush.
  6. Wax System

    Repeat steps 3 to 5 with either the Fast Wax Freestyle Wax or the Fast Wax Fluorinated Race Wax.

    Race Waxing Example

    • 1 to 2 Layers Base Wax
    • 1 to 2 Layers of SB-FW Orange

Paste Waxing with Fast Wax Slick Pro

Slick Pro is a new system for High Performance Waxing an amazing Product

Slick Pro gives the performance of a Hot Melt wax in ease of a Paste Wax.

  1. Rub on Slick Pro using the enclosed foam applicator
  2. Let dry for 3 to 5 minutes
  3. Buff in with the Speed Block
  4. Brush out with a horse hair brush and ride
  5. For added durability repeat 1 to 4 for a second coat on the edges

Slick Pro is a great wax to have on hand when weather and snow conditions are changing

  • Boards can easily be re-wax in minutes.
  • Saves time when traveling.

Iron Temperature Settings

Temps are a guideline as each iron may vary slightly. Test the wax on the iron before applying the iron to the snowboard


Setting Low Setting High

Base Wax

Digital Iron 250 F
Standard Dial Iron
5 to 6 Medium
Digital Iron 265 F
Standard Dial Iron
5 to 6 Medium
HS Freestyle Universal

HS-FW Freestyle

Race Wax

Digital Iron 260 F
Standard Dial Iron
6 to 7 Medium
Digital Iron 275 F
Standard Dial Iron
6 to 7 Medium

HS-FC Freestyle

Race Wax

Digital Iron 265 F
Standard Dial Iron
6 to 8 Medium
Digital Iron 285 F
Standard Dial Iron
6 to 8 Medium
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