What We Believe

We believe in Adventure, Challenge, and Thrill.

We believe you should do things that bring you joy.

We believe no matter what type of skier you are and no matter what type of snow you’re in, you should be able to go FASTER.

We believe you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune, to ski FASTER.

We believe in making ski wax the RIGHT way, not the easy way.

We believe ski wax should be environmentally-friendly.

We believe there’s no such thing as “too fast,” only too slow.

We believe even our orders should be shipped super-fast!

We believe Fast Wax IS the fastest ski wax available anywhere.

We believe in our Need For Speed Guarantee: If you don’t think Fast Wax makes you go fast enough? -we refund you, 100%.

We believe in giving back to the skiing community

We believe in donating our products, our training, and our time to organizations helping people experience the joy of outdoor winter sports.

We believe we exist to serve the skiing and snowboarding community well.

We believe once you ski on Fast Wax, you’ll always ski on Fast Wax.

We believe that with Fast Wax you will ski faster than you have ever skied before.

We believe in making the very best product, because PERFORMANCE always comes before profit.

We believe in making a HOTTER wax poured into chocolate molds, to achieve maximum hardness and durability.

We believe your ski wax should last longer and help you go farther, with less effort.

We believe in making a far more durable wax so you can ski FARTHER on it.

We believe in offering a far more durable wax so you spend less time waxing, and more time skiing!

We believe in working with crazy hard waxes , so you get maximum glide on an super cold, hard, and unforgiving surfaces.

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