Alpine Ski Waxing

Recreational Alpine Edge Tuning and Waxing

 Are your skis starting to feel a little slow? Maybe your edges are not as grabby as they one where? Do not fret!

A quick tune up will have you back in tip top shape in no time at all.

Fast Wax has put together this information guide to help walk you through the process.

Before you get started you will want to locate a work bench and a ski vise to hold your skis while you work on them.

You will need some ski wax, a scraper, an iron, set of diamond files, and an edge profile tool.

The first thing you will do is sharpen your edges, then finish up by waxing your skis.

Don't worry you got this! If you need help, drop us an email at

Step 1 Check the Base Edge: Place the ski on the Wax Bench and inspect the base and edges. If a base is damaged take the ski to your local shop for inspection and possible repair. Then slide your fingers gently down the edges and inspect for any burrs. Use a shop stone to polish out any edge burrs that you might find.

check edges with shop stone

Step 2 Check the Side Edge: Set your ski on edge with the base facing out. Again, use the shop stone to polish out any burs from the ski edge. Flip the ski and check the other side.

check edges with shop stone

Step 3 Sharpen the Side Edge: Stand the ski on edge with the ski base facing out and run the side edge profile tool and file down the side edge. Going from tip to tail, make light passes down the length of the ski.

Most recreational skiers should put 1 to 2 degree edge on the side edges. File the side edge using either a chrome hardened file or a medium to coarse Moonstone diamond file. 

Side Edge Side Edge  Daimond Files

Step 4 Remove the Burrs: Polish the base edge with a gummy stone as the final step, go over the edge, very lightly, just to remove the slight burr from the edge.

When you are finished you should have a fast smooth edge.

Note: When using the diamond files you should think about using a base and side edge profile sharpening system. A edge profile tool holds the file at the correct angle and makes sharpening edges a breeze. See the Tools selection on the Fast Wax website here you will find the Pocket Beast or Side of Beast, both are Pro-Grade edge profiling tools.

Waxing for recreational skiing

Step 1 Select Wax:  Select your wax you want to apply based on the conditions (Temperature and Humidity) at the hill or trail.

Step 2 Brush Out Ski: Brush out the ski base from tip to tail with a Fast Wax Stainless Steel Brush. 3 passes down the ski should be all you need to clean out any loose wax.

Step 3 Apply Wax: Melt wax on to ski by placing the iron 2-3" above the ski base and placing the wax stick onto the face of the iron. A 1/2" of space between wax drops down the length of the ski is ideal for narrow (2"-3") wide skis. Two to three drops for every 1/2" is good for wider skis.  This is just a place to start, once you have waxed your skis a couple of time you will have a general idea of how much wax to apply.

Step 4 Iron In: Place the iron on the ski base, and iron in the wax drops from the previous step. Remember to go from tip to tail! Keep the iron moving at all times. A rule of thumb is to move the iron at a rate of 1" per second. You may need to slightly lift up the front of the iron up to get the iron on top of the wax drops. When complete you should have a semi smooth layer of wax on your ski base.

It is okay to make a second pass down the ski to push wax in to areas that it did not flow into during the first pass. 

Step 5 Scrape Wax Off Edges: Use your scraper to remove the hot wax from your side edges.

Step 6 Break Time: Allow the ski to cool to room temperature (1/2 hour) before scraping.

Step 7 Scrape the Base:  Starting at the ski tip, scrape off the excess wax. Going down the length of with a plastic scraper held at a 90 degree angle to the ski base. You want to remove all wax that is now trapped above the base.

Step 8 Brush the Base:  Using a Fast Wax Superfine Stainless Steel Brush, lightly brush out the ski base. Do not try to remove too much wax.

Step 9 Brush Some More: Now use a Fast Wax Horsehair Brush to brush out the ski base, do this 4 to 5 times.

Step 10 Brush One Last Time:  Finish by using a Fast Wax Nylon Polishing Brush. Go down the lenght of the ski 4 to 5 times. This will put a high shine on the ski base!

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