Classic Waxing

Here are some helpful instructions on waxing the kick zone of classic skis with Grip Wax. As in Glide Waxing, following the details of kick waxing will, not only lead to a ski with excellent kick, the ski will excellent release and be smooth and fast. A poor application of grip wax can lead to ski with minimal grip, a grabby ski when gilding and generally poor ski.

The first step in grip waxing is the most important -- making sure the skis fit correctly and the wax pocket is measured and marked If you are not sure of the fit, take the skis to your ski shop for a fit check

1. For most skis the wax pocket should start right at or slightly in front of your heal, and go forward for about 60 to 65 cm depending on the ski length and flex. Skis that are too stiff will be difficult to kick and will slip on the up hills, skis that are too soft will drag the wax pocket. Tip... Error on the side of being too soft.

2. Measure, mark and double check the wax pocke. Tip... When grip waxing I find it helpful to place a piece of tape over the bottom of the ski on the front and back of the wax pocket to help identify the wax boundaries.

3. After the wax pocket is marked, sand the area with 80 grit sand paper. Wrap the sand paper around a flat surface to keep the ski base flat

4. Very Important... add the binder in thin even layers starting on the outside edge of the ski and working toward the center. Tip... If the layers are thick it will be very difficult to smooth out the wax

5. Iron in the binder with a rotating iron motion of the iron to spread the binder out evenly across the ski. Cork in while still warm to get a smooth surface.

6. Let the ski cool before adding the kick wax.

7. Apply several thin layers of grip wax, and cork in between layers, keep the layers smooth and thin -- work the ski from the outside to the center.

8. Remove the marking tape from the ski and feather in the edges. When completed the kick wax should be just as smooth and the glide wax

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