Race Waxing

1. Open the Skis Base Brush the ski base from tip to tail with the super fine Fast Wax SS brush to open the ski base clean out wax and dirt and allow better wax penetration of the new wax.

2. Remove Base Hairs (Important for Cold Weather) Use a razor tool held at a 90° angle to the ski and lightly scrape the ski several times to remove the fine base hairs. Check the razor blade after each after each pass and repeat until no gray fillings are left on the razor.

3. Hot Wax Process Using a ski waxing iron, drip a generous amount of Base Prep wax onto the ski base and iron in from tip to tail. The wax will act as an insulator, a generous layer helps keep the iron off the skis base, use about one drip every 1/2 inch, more if you are inexperienced. When ironing in the wax, draw the iron down the ski holding a molten bead of wax about 2 to 3 inches behind the iron, and always keep the iron moving. If necessary, a second pass can pick up any places that are missed.

4. Hot Scrape Hot scrape and brush out the skis for an additional cleaning. (Optional)

5. Scraping off the Wax Scrape the groove and clean off the edges while the ski is still warm. Then let the ski cool slowly to room temperature before scraping the bases. Scrape the wax off using short easy strokes, again working from tip to tail until all wax is removed (Tip) Use a sharp scraper and keep it sharp using a Fast Wax Scraper Sharpener.

6. Brushing out the ski Use the Fast Wax Superfine SS brush, a roto brush can shorten the brushing process however, it is really not recommended unless you have several pairs of skis, the tendency here is to over brush the ski with a roto brush and remove too much wax or washboard the ski. Preferred use the Fast Wax Superfine SS brush, 2 to 3 passes is all that is generally needed. Follow with the Fast Wax horse hair brush and polish with the Fast Wax black nylon brush. When it appears no further wax is being removed stop.

7. Wax System The Fast wax system is to layer up the ski with wax starting with Base Prep and go to an under layer of the Sport wax followed by Low Fluoro or High Fluoro waxes to condition the ski bases.

8. Structure the Ski Base (Structure Tips) Wax Example for Cold Wind Blown Recommendations Hot Scrape Base Prep Base Layer: 1 to 2 layers of HSLF – 10 Teal Top Layer: 1 to 2 layers of HSF-10 Green Flite Arctic ironed using the Fast Wax Base Saver Lower Cost Option: Race Pro Arctic Structure is a Universal Grind or 0.2 mm Linear Pattern

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