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 January 20 Masters World Cup Classic  Wirth Park
 January 21 Masters World Cup Freestyle   Wirth Park
 January 22  Masters World Cup Classic & Skate  Wirth Park
January 20 Lapham Loppet  Lapham Peak Delafield WI
 January 20  HinderBinder  Camp Forest Springs WI
 January 20  Three Rivers Rennet  Hyland Hills Bloomington MN
 January 20-21  Cable JNQ  Birkie Trail Head Cable WI
 January 20  Cote Dame Marie Loppet  Forbush Corner Frederic MI


  • Linda Cook

    I am skiing the Korte classic this year. I have Rex Blue Power Grip and Rhode Multigrade Purple. I've never applied the power grip. Should I apply it on the entire kick zone? Then only one layer of the purple? Thanks for any advice and good luck.
    Hi to Rosie.

    Linda Cook

  • http://www.skifastwax.com fastwax

    Rough up the ski base and iron in the Power Grip (thin layer) let is cool then cover the power grip with several layers of the Rode Multigrade

  • Carl Shaffer

    Hey Dan - how about waxing for the Lotvola Cup at Maplelag? Nice to chat w/you at Hoigaards last night. Congrats on earning your birch leggings!

  • http://www.skifastwax.com fastwax

    I will look at the Lotvola cup tomorrow

  • http://oFytlcjMC8Tl Bob Losby

    Hey Dan,
    I am doing the korte skate first wave on medium flex skiis, would you go with the HSF tan or green for glide ansd how many layers would you apply before putting flite cold over? Thanks.

  • http://www.skifastwax.com fastwax

    Stay with the HSF-20 Tan and 2 layers will be good

  • http://www.twincitiesskiseries.com/2013/01/pre-loppet-recap/ Tough Weather Made for Fast Conditions as Fast Wax Twin Cities Ski Series Continued at Pre-Loppet - Fast Wax Ski Series

    [...] The series continues this Saturday with the Tour de Twin Cities 10k Freestyle race which has been moved to Theodore Wirth Park.  Registration closes Tuesday January 15.  The Fast Wax recommendation should updated by Thursday and can be found at http://fast-wax.com/race-day-wax-recommended/midwest [...]

  • http://www.twincitiesskiseries.com/2013/02/ski-series-continued-at-the-loppet/ Great Conditions and Easy Kicking as Fast Wax Twin Cities Ski Series Continued at The Loppet - Fast Wax Ski Series

    [...] The series continues this Sunday with the Mora Vasaloppet 35k Freestyle race.  The forecast looks to be near-perfect with temperatures in the upper-teens to mid-twenties.  The race start has officially been moved to Knife Lake, but the classic downtown finish will remain the same.  As of Monday afternoon, Vasaloppet.us says that 35k racers will do 1 lap around Knife Lake before skiing approximately 13k to the finish in Mora.  The exact distance of the race is likely to be around 26k.Online registration closes at 3pm on Saturday February 9, or you can also register in-person until 9pm that evening.  The Fast Wax recommendation should updated by Thursday and can be found at http://fast-wax.com/race-day-wax-recommended/midwest [...]

  • Chas

    I've never used flite (cold) powder before. What should my iron temp be? What's the best way to get it on the ski? I don't have a flite pad.

  • http://www.skifastwax.com fastwax

    Chas, we will be at all 3 shops in Hayward starting Thursday. Stop by and pick up a Base Saver. If not use a iron temperature around 250 to 260 F

  • Jamie Mannion

    I am torn between using Teal vs Blue, and HSF Green vs HSF 20 Tan. The Blue has such a broad range (12-28). Same with the HSF green (5-15) vs. TAN (12-28). It seems that even with the colder snow temps, we are teetering between conditions where Teal/HSF Green or Blue/HSF Tan might work. I am in wave one. Your thoughts?

    I won't have a chance to rewax. I have had some great skis with blue/tan and have not used the Teal/HSF Green much.

  • http://www.skifastwax.com fastwax

    I skied last night at OO on my soft Atomics with the HSF 10 Green top coated with Flite Cold and they were really good. We tested the HSF 20 Tan with Flite and felt the HSF 10 Green was slightly better. It depends on the wave if you are skiing out of the first 3 waves then I would recommend the colder waxes. From waves 3 or 4 and back it is your call. The sequence is Ski Flex soft, Grind Universal Fine Linear, Top Coat made a huge difference and then the wax.

  • Jamie Mannion

    Thank you Dan. I appreciate your help and feedback. Green it is.

  • DRY

    Please explain the moly/graphite statement. I used a lf graphite under green hf last year at Birkie and had wonderful skis. They were on par at high end speed but superior at low speeds. Skied out of the elite wave, where most skis are above average.

  • Dan

    The moly/graphite waxes reduce the effectiveness of Fluoro waxes, at best they are neutral and do slow down skis. In many instances moly and graphite will reduce ski speed. Check the Fast Wax Web site of the testing results also results from Caldwell Sports from the 2012 Birkie Testing

  • Ken

    I stick with Fast Wax recommendations and have very good luck, its so much easier to stick with one brand of wax. This week however I don't have the hslf 0 white as recommended for most races Feb 1st. I have only the hs 0 white as the hslf is new this year I believe. Will I notice any difference by just substituting the hs for the hslf if I top coat using Flite Arctic or do you suggest I make other changes as well in the recommendation for Wolf Tracks
    Thanks much, Ken

  • Pete

    Dan what do you think about Flight Cold for the Sunday Loppet. I don't have artic.

  • Jay

    When will the prebirkie recommendations be posted?

  • Lew p

    I used Dan's recommendations for the mora vasaloppet 58k and I was so impressed with the glide of my skis. Thanks Dan!

  • Luke Malm

    I love the simplicity of the Fast Wax system. I feel like I am going faster not just spending more money. Will you have a general recommendation for later wave skiiers in the Birkie? Will you expect the snow to change enough to modify the recomendation?

  • Dale Keller

    Dan what do you think about Flite Cold over HFS green for a wave 2 skier at the Birkie? I don't have Flite Artic. Is there that much difference? I'm willing to get some when I arrive in Hayward Friday night. However , I rather put my feet up an rest!

  • Rob

    Lapham Peak Man made snow 1-24-15 High School Race Wax? Tonight steady 30 F and 85% RH. Race time at 10 will be 34 F. Snow has section of deeper sugar as well has hard pack. Like using Race Pro Paste and an HSF wax. Which ones? What kind of structure? Thanks!

  • fastwax

    Rob, the structure that works really well on the artificial snow the Dual Press Box Right Left Swivel Pattern or a 0.3 mm Broken Pattern

  • Dan

    Rob the pattern that works really well on the artificial snow is the Finite Structure Tool Dual Press Box Right Left Swivel Patttern CP 17 R / CP17L or the 0.3 mm VO3 Broken Pattern

  • Mike

    Badger State Winter Games in Wausau this weekend. Jan. 31. Do you have recommendation for performance level for the 43k event?

  • Bonnie Weiskopf

    Dan, could you give a wax recommendation for the conference championships being held at Elm Creek on Jan. 29th?

  • Dan

    Bonnie , I posted the recommendation

  • Dan

    Mike the recommendation is up

  • Bonnie Weiskopf

    The page doesn't work.

  • Dan

    Bonnie I fixed the link there was something that got into the system

  • Marie

    Hi Dan - Will you be putting up wax recs for the coming weekend's Wolf Tracks Rendezvous at Winter Park later this week? Thank you!

  • fastwax

    Yes I will if you look in the web site under Waxing Recommendations I have a preliminary recommendation up for the Wolf Tracks. I also tentatively plan to do the race and be there on Friday afternoon to do some additional testing on grip wax and structure.

  • HvB

    Any suggestions for the Twin Cities Championchip 15k skate this Sat at Wirth Park? Specifically interested in how to prep for warm artificial snow. Thanks.

  • fastwax

    I was waiting to see if they were going to move the race I just put a recommendation up a few minutes ago after testing skis and wax at Hyland.
    Basically the standard waxing for artificial snow, one step down on the wax hardness from what the temperature would indicate, moderate to softer ski as the trail will break down with multiple laps and lots of skiers, and adding structure is absolutely necessary.

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