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    Fast Wax has developed a new Hot Melt Fluorinated Chain Wax system that keeps your chain running smooth, clean, and quiet. No more oily messy chains, stained clothing, and greasy fingers. And best of all more peddle power to the road. Once you try this system you will never go back to an oil based chain lube.

    This is a game changer one picture is worth a 1000 words

    The Hot Melt Fluorinated Chain Wax fills the void areas in the chain pivots, preventing dirt and grit getting into the chain pivots; this reduces chain wear and chain drag, increasing power - watts.
    Today many races are won and lost by a matter of a few seconds and even tens of seconds, a well-tuned drive train can easily be the difference between victories and losses.




                     Chain Wax Efficiency

    The test is a tempo ride of 18 minutes over rolling terrain using a SRM Power Meter on the front chain ring and a Power Tap Hub on the rear.
    Chain Efficiency is the power difference between the 2 power meters

    Step 1. Fast Wax Chain Wax
    Step 2. Drive Train Tune Up
    Cycling Drive Train Efficiency of 99 %  !

    1 Watt of Chain Drag

    Data in Watts  = Front Power Meter Average - Rear Power Meter Average


    1. Sram PC 1051; Control chain was used for tempo rides of 2 hours at an average of 190 watts.
                                 Lubrication Tri Flow

    2. Sram PC 1051 Control Chain Treated with Fast Wax Fluoro Chain Wax
    (Better Chains do make a difference)

    3. Dura Ace 9801 Stock Chain Lube

    4. Dura Ace 9801 Treated with Fast Wax Fluoro Chain Wax

    5. KMC SL Sliver; Treated with Fast Wax Fluoro Chain Wax

    Test Set up.
    Bottom Bracket; Disassembled and cleaned in the sonic bath. Grease was removed and replaced with Phil Woods Tenacious Oil.
    Rear Derailleur Dura Ace Jockey Pulleys; Disassembled and cleaned, grease was replaced by Phil Woods Tenacious Oil.


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