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    Fast Wax has developed a new Hot Melt Fluorinated Chain Wax system that keeps your chain running smooth, clean, and quiet. No more oily messy chains, stained clothing, and greasy fingers. And best of all more peddle power to the road. Once you try this system you will never go back to an oil based chain lube.

    This is a game changer one picture is worth a 1000 words

    The Hot Melt Fluorinated Chain Wax fills the void areas in the chain pivots, preventing dirt and grit getting into the chain pivots; this reduces chain wear and chain drag, increasing power - watts.
    Today many races are won and lost by a matter of a few seconds and even tens of seconds, a well-tuned drive train can easily be the difference between victories and losses.




                     Chain Wax Efficiency

    The test is a tempo ride of 18 minutes over rolling terrain using a SRM Power Meter on the front chain ring and a Power Tap Hub on the rear.
    Chain Efficiency is the power difference between the 2 power meters

    Step 1. Fast Wax Chain Wax
    Step 2. Drive Train Tune Up
    Cycling Drive Train Efficiency of 99 %  !

    1 Watt of Chain Drag

    Data in Watts  = Front Power Meter Average - Rear Power Meter Average


    1. Sram PC 1051; Control chain was used for tempo rides of 2 hours at an average of 190 watts.
                                 Lubrication Tri Flow

    2. Sram PC 1051 Control Chain Treated with Fast Wax Fluoro Chain Wax
    (Better Chains do make a difference)

    3. Dura Ace 9801 Stock Chain Lube

    4. Dura Ace 9801 Treated with Fast Wax Fluoro Chain Wax

    5. KMC SL Sliver; Treated with Fast Wax Fluoro Chain Wax

    Test Set up.
    Bottom Bracket; Disassembled and cleaned in the sonic bath. Grease was removed and replaced with Phil Woods Tenacious Oil.
    Rear Derailleur Dura Ace Jockey Pulleys; Disassembled and cleaned, grease was replaced by Phil Woods Tenacious Oil.


  • Hot Topics

    Waxing for artificial snow

    Looks like for the short term most of us will be skiing on the artificial snow loops around the metro area. Here are some helpful tips for waxing.

  • New Ski Wax Products

    Fast Wax INTRODUCES Race Pro

    Race pro artic Race pro Cold Race pro Warm

    Race Pro is a fluoro paste top coat that is……

          Cost Effective at $50
    Ease of Application, cork in with a Fast Wax Speed Block or for longer races iron in using the Fast Wax Base Saver
    Performance, skiers report excellent speed and the Classic Skiers really liked the exceptionally quick break away when striding and double poling


              Test crew, tested a dozen pairs of skis and the wax technician waxed over 100 pairs of skis at the West Yellowstone on Snow Demo

    When you wax over 100 pairs of skis and everyone comes back smiling  you know the wax is right


    New Brushes from Fast Wax

    After extensive testing and development Fast Wax is pleased to announce it's new line of brushes.

    The line includes, a Super Fine Stainless Steel, Horse Hair and Stiff Nylon.

    Ski wax brushes


    Other New Ski Wax Products

    Fluoro Hot Box Wax Fluoro Base Prep Base Saver HSLF 0 White
    Hot Box ski wax
    Fluoro Hot Box Wax Engineered with the Elite Skier in mind while made for everyone that likes fast skis
    Fluoro Base Prep
    Fluoro Base Prep
    Engineered for the Elite Skier while made for everyone that likes fast skis
    Base Saver
    Iron in Fluoros Top Coats with an efficient and easy method
    HSLF 0
    A complement to our line of standout easy to use cold weather waxes


    Fluorinated Hot Box Wax - this wax is engineered to stay liquid in the Hot Box at 130° F or 55°C to absorb into the base. Then the natural annealing process of the Hot Box brings the Fluoro compound to the surface for fast skis. The wax was tested by several shops with all reporting faster skis right out of the box. Former Olympian stated "This is the real deal"
    The test crews were asking to purchase the wax immediately.
    Fluorinated Base Prep - complements the Hot Box Wax with an iron in wax that has the same results, excellent fast skis right from the start.
    HSLF- 0 White - Our standout HS-0 White Extreme Race Wax is now complemented with HSLF - 0 White a low fluorinated version for those rare humid cold days.
    Accessories - Look for several new accessories, decorative machine cut scrapers, the all new Star Groove Cleaning Tool and the rubber based Ski Ties.


    Teflon side

    Watch the Base Saver Video

    Iron in Fluoro top coats using the Fast Wax Base Saver more efficiently for faster skis and without the fear of glazing your bases

    Another unique well engineered product from Fast Wax.

    How it works:

    Applying base saver

    The soft Teflon surface backed with the cushioning pad presses the fluoro top coats into the ski structure using low heat and high pressure in a unique application.

    1. Apply the top coat to the ski either sprinkle on the powder or rub in the block.Ski Base Saver Pressure Demo
    2. Lightly cork in with the Speed Block (ski surface should be evenly coated and a light gray color)
    3. Place the Base Saver on the ski (Teflon side down) place the iron on top Base Saver
    4. Using a moderate temperature 260 F to 280 F pull the iron and the Base Saver Pad down the ski using moderate to hard down pressure on the iron ( about the same pressure as structuring )
    5. One Pass - move a slow steady speed and watch to make sure the top coat is pressed into the ski
    6. Cork in the extra top coat from the stability groves
    7. Let the ski cool for 1/2 hour and brush out with Fast Wax HH Brush
    8. Be amazed at how little wax is removed from the ski!

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  • Ski Wax

    Fast wax is a U.S. manufacturer of ski wax products.

    Fast wax specializes in creating a top quality Snowboard, Nordic and Alpine waxes.

    Fast Wax has Waxing Instructions for Nordic Alpine and Snowboard Waxes and ski waxing videos available for you.

    Our ski wax dealer market is growing.

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